How to Boil an Egg, 

Anti University

at Ladette Space 2016


In this talk, while stood in the front of the audience I instead handed over my authority as a speaker to the crowd. I then gave each of them an egg which acted as a catalyst t while navigating the abstractions of conversation. Afte silence people began so speak to the room.  dynamics that occurred organically in a group without a focal point.With the dissolving of any centralised organisation the living reality of one another’s confused participation. In this new collectively evolve a dialogue to accommodate the variety of responses and new structures that filled the room. chaos we became involved in each others experience of what was going on as the group searched for agency and understanding. Though nothing concrete could be taken away from the experience, we all formed questions, including; the purpose of our immediate situation, what we expected from participation and the nature of expectation and failure. This process of understanding revealed how learning can work as a shared and non-hierarchical processrather than a goal orientated transfer of knowledge