This artwork invites you to join a group dialogue without any pre-planned agenda. Inspired by the ideas of David Bohm and Rancierre, we apply a non-instructional context to the session. This allows us to focus on the presentative experience, rather than a representative one. 

 Derailed context leaves us ‘at sea’ the only way to float is to ‘build a boat’ - by making our own context - a truly open exploration of the meaning of dialogue. In this playing field we gain a critical approach to art making where we re-address the hierarchy between producer and viewer.

There have now been over 12 B.O.A.T's – past sessions have resulted in inventing games, doing group therapy, role play, a séance and more. The session lasts for as long as the participants want. As we are non-representative, B.O.A.T is only documented by artist Rachel Sale who illustrates her own interpretation of the goings on in the room.


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sessions every 2 weeks at Set Studios, Bermondsey.